A creative studio in #HamOnt with a knack for thoughtfully curated brands

J.Avolio is passionate about joining forces with fellow creatives, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

We believe that effective identities extend beyond logo design. Our goal is to consider your brand holistically, crafting a full story that is intentional and speaks directly to your people.

philosophy &

Design Services

Our approach to creating visual identities takes a deep dive into your brand and audience ethos, assuring your brand truly represents your business and, ultimately, appeals to your target audience. J.Avolio believes in:

Well-planned Strategies

Thoughtful & Conceptual Designs

Fresh & Timeless Style

Work that speaks to your people

Identities that support growth

  • Full Brand Identity

    We'll dig into your ethos and strategize a full visual identity including Several Logo Marks, Colour Palette, Font System, Patterns & Textures and more.

  • The Brand Boutique

    Offering premium ready-made brands to impress both you and your ideal clientele. Check our Shop to see all available Collections.

  • Illustration

    We'll infuse custom illustrations into your brand identity itself, or as a complement to your brand messaging to support your identity.

  • Collateral

    Print and Digital items such as business cards, stationery, insta graphics, packaging, and more will help create a consistent voice.

  • Brand Strategy

    If you're struggling to find your voice, our strategy sessions will help outline your WHAT and WHY, to pinpoint your brand and audience ethos.

"I chose Jess because her style appealed to me, but her design skills are just part of the story. She is different then the other graphic designers in a sense she is very balanced; she’s to the point, but still creative. You can tell she has years of experience in the branding industry behind her. Positive, resourceful, simple in presentation and explains why she chose particular design elements. Everything means something so you won’t risk a situation where your logo is pretty but doesn’t mean anything. Thank you, Jess, you elevated our brand to the next level."

Ola Mochol

"Right when I saw Jess' Instagram I knew we would get along. Her minimalistic style and neutral colour palette instantly intrigued me! When we started the branding process she understood what target market I was trying to reach and designed towards that vision. My little wild leaf branch incorporates the eco-conscious attitudes that make me stand out and attract the clients I want to work with!”

Lisa Kiss
Lisa Kiss Creative

"Wow, where to start! Jess has been an absolute angel. I will 100% continue to work with her when I am in need of anything design related. I felt completely taken care of throughout the entire process. She is quick, responsive, an amazing listener, and beautifully creative. She even set up a little learning sesh so I could continue with simple tasks on my own!"

Saida Ilaqua
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