Nothing about you is ordinary.

Your brand should be no different.

We’re a creative studio that has an eye for curated brands that connect with your people.

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J.Avolio supports passion-led business owners in pursuit of their individual purpose. We’ll work closely to develop a brand identity that’s truly distinct, and anything but ordinary.

  • Visual Brand Identity

    Your brand visuals are your audience's first impression. Let's make an impact.

  • Collateral

    Expanding with print + digital items will elevate the brand experience for your people.

  • Custom Illustration

    Custom hand-drawn elements will add personality to your site, socials & packaging.

  • 1:1 Design Training

    If you're a DIY'er or even a fellow designer, hands-on training will strengthen your skills.

  • Packaging Design

    If it's unique, 40% of consumers will share packaging on social media. Make yours 'gramable.

  • Consulting

    Helpful support and advice provided by a trusted design expert with a decade in the industry.

"Every time I use the logo on anything it makes me so happy—like, a literal smile comes on my face when I'm sticking stickers on boxes or stamping packaging. Just knowing we did so much work behind the scenes to get that 'brand story' nailed down gave me that confidence I needed to push forward. I didn't have that with my original brand, and what a difference it makes. I just feel so darn proud of what we created and I could not have gotten there on my own!"

Nicole Gagnon

"Working with them was like working with a dear friend. I felt they deeply understood my vision from every angle and I immediately knew I could trust them to bring our ideas to life thanks to thoughtful questions & exercises that helped me gain clarity around what I wanted. They were supportive throughout the entire process and their talent in this field speaks for itself. I'm so glad that I decided to take the leap and follow my intuition to work with them, as my branding and other design elements are spot-on."

Carissa Kimbell

“J.Avolio helped bring my wildest design dreams to life! It’s not only because the final work always ends up looking jaw-dropping. What I respect more than anything else is their inside-out approach of what the brand really means to the founder and the people it seeks to impact! Thank you for creating this for me and the people I seek to impact!”

Cheryl Peng

“Thank you for your guidance in helping me launch! I wouldn't have been able to do it without you. The inspiration is constantly flowing. I love handing out my business cards just because of how stunning they are. The brandmark and everything you designed is simply perfect and work so well to convey the messages and values. Seriously, you do the most incredible work!”

Caranina Bertone

"J.Avolio is different from other graphic designers in the sense that they are very balanced; they are to the point, but still creative. You can tell they have years of experience in the branding industry. Positive, resourceful, simple in presentation, and explains why they chose particular design elements. Everything means something so you won’t risk a situation where your logo is pretty but doesn’t mean anything. Thank you—you elevated our brand to the next level."

Ola Mochol

"I felt completely taken care of throughout the entire process. J.Avolio is quick, responsive, an amazing listener, and beautifully creative! They worked alongside my web developer and made just the right tweaks to my already existing branding, important documents, and brand collateral. We even set up a little learning sesh so I could continue with simple tasks on my own. Thank you so much for everything."

Saida Ilaqua
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