About j.avolio

A creative studio in #HamOnt with a knack for thoughtfully curated brands

We love seeing clients work their butts off to gain exposure and make a name for themselves in their industry. It’s our job to help fellow creatives, freelancers & entrepreneurs succeed with design that captures their brand ethos and speaks to their people.

Our goal is to tell your brand story with intentional designs—drawing inspiration from our background in fine art and art history. We’ll create thoughtful, fresh, and custom creative concepts and infuse them into all of your visual brand elements to tell a cohesive message. The result is carefully curated designs that stem from our strategy-based approach, streamlined processes, and intentional methods.

When I’m not designing, I’m usually taking too many pictures of my cat, drinking a perfectly steeped cup of tea, or exploring my current hometown of Hamilton, Ontario.



"I chose Jess because her style appealed to me, but her design skills are just part of the story. She is different then the other graphic designers in a sense she is very balanced; she’s to the point, but still creative. Very professional, you can tell she has years of experience in the branding industry behind her. Positive, resourceful, simple in presentation and explains why she chose particular design elements. Her research is quite comprehensive so there is a lot of thought put into all design elements, which is exactly what I wanted. Everything means something so you won’t risk a situation where your logo is pretty but doesn’t mean anything. Thank you, Jess, you elevated our brand to the next level."

Ola Mochol

"Wow, where to start! Jess has been an absolute angel. I will 100% continue to work with her when I am in need of anything design related. I felt completely taken care of throughout the entire process. She is quick, responsive, an amazing listener, and beautifully creative! She worked smoothly alongside my web developer and they helped me successfully launch my website. She made just the right tweaks to my already existing branding and created/edited some important documents and brand collateral. She even set up a little learning sesh so I could continue with simple tasks on my own! Thank you so much for everything."

Saida Ilaqua

"Jess is a creative thinker and skilled designer who interprets her clients’ ideas and realizes them in a polished and appealing final product. She’s also very reliable; we’ve worked together on multiple projects over the past few years, and Jess can be counted on to meet a deadline and communicate throughout the entire creative process.”

Stacey Aspinall

"Having worked with Jess on multiple occasions and projects I can say without a doubt that she has a special ability when it comes to helping you pull apart all of your ideas and dreams about the look and feel you'd like to have, turning them into a single cohesive reality. She really makes sure to listen and I feel like I have a brand design that fits me because of that. Jess is truly a talented creative and it shows, every time!"

Sam Cross

"Jess understood right away the nature of my work and how to appeal to prospective clients in my field. I only had a vague sense of what I wanted in a logo, and I had no idea how to improve my website, but she understood what I needed. She designed a logo that I love and restyled my website with an elevated version of my own aesthetic. Her expertise and thoughtful approach have helped me present my editing services and my brand much more confidently."

Savanna Scott Leslie
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