1:1 Design Training, Single Session

$ 200 CAD$ 300 CAD

$ 200 CAD
$ 300 CAD


This hands-on 1:1 Design Training session will provide you with my undivided attention via Zoom & Screenshare as we work together to up-level your design skills. I’m confident you’ll leave the experience inspired about the new design tips & tricks you have in your back pocket—which will not only help you develop a more efficient design process, but will support your growth and skills as a designer. This training style is intentionally open-format and is customized towards the specific design skills you’re wanting to build and your own unique style and pace of learning. You’ll answer a questionnaire ahead of time which will provide insight into your current experience levels, your learning style, and your areas of interest. You can choose between a 1-hour or 2-hour session based on your preference.

✖ Once purchased, you’ll be directed to a page to answer questions about your experience, needs, and learning style.
✖ The session will be booked within the next 2 weeks. I will directly reach out with booking details.
✖ Each session can be video recorded so you’ll have your own copy to reference in the future.
✖ Afterwards, you’ll receive 30 additional minutes so I can answer any follow-up questions on what we covered.

J.Avolio is dedicated to accessibility. If there are financial barriers to accessing this training, please contact me and we can discuss alternates on a sliding scale.