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Our holistic approach allows us to develop an identity that tells a story and speaks to your people

Our process includes a comprehensive deep-dive into who you are, why you do what you do, and what sets you apart. This helps us build a solid foundation for your brand and clearly defines your audience before we jump into design. This assures your identity not only expertly represents your brand, but targets the right people.


“Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.”

Jeffrey Zeldman

package one

Starter Brand Identity

For those who are just starting out or are in the first year or two of business. Ideal for those who haven’t yet established their niche or found their brand voice, but are wanting to begin attracting the right people.

This package will cover your bases and provide you with the necessary basics to impress your target audience as you build your brand. We’ll begin with comprehensive questions that dig into your who, what and why.

Pricing starts at $1,250

What’s Included:

• Workbook Questions & Review

• Full Colour Palette (HEX codes)

• Font System (2-3 brand fonts)

• One Wordmark

• One Icon or Monogram

• Social Profile Pic

• Brand Files & Asset Guide

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package two

Full Brand Identity

For brand owners who are 2+ years into their business and have clearly established their niche. Ideal for those who are struggling to convey a consistent visual identity that reflects their brand and speaks to their people.

This package will provide you with a versatile set of assets that feel fully cohesive. Our comprehensive Brand Strategy process will establish a strong foundation from which to build up your brand.

Pricing starts at $2,250

What’s Included:

• Comprehensive Workbooks

• Brand Strategy to pinpoint your ethos, audience, attributes and more

• Main Logo +4 additional logo and mark variations

• Font System; Colour Palette; Custom Patterns & Textures

• Extensive visual mockups to see your new brand in action

• Social Profile Pic & Favicon

• All files in proper formats and colours

• Brand Guideline for using your new assets

Build an Identity
package three

Instagram Strategy

For those with an established brand identity who are looking to create an Insta feed that represents their brand ethos. A consistent feed with an on-brand aesthetic will establish trust with your people, helping you organically grow your following.

This package will provide you with a solid foundation for a social presence that not only looks cohesive and on-brand, but takes the guesswork out of what to post and which hashtags to use.

Pricing starting at $750

What’s Included:

• A 12-post visual grid that establishes the look of your feed

• 12 post schedule that highlights your product/services, BTS, and more

• 1-3 custom post & highlight templates built in Canva

• 5 sets of 10 hashtags (50 tags!) + one branded hashtag

• Profile picture & bio write-up

• Highlight covers

• Plus, helpful tips & tricks

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Custom illustrations are so versatile.

A great way to emphasize your personality and stand out from your competition. They can be used to display your services on social, as custom icons on your site, to add dimension to packaging, and more.

Get versatile


Support your brand with print & digital assets.

Packaging, biz cards, social templates, highlight covers and presentation docs are all great way to emphasize your brands’ personality and stand out—letting your people know you care about investing in your brand.

Ready to enhance

"I chose Jess because her style appealed to me, but her design skills are just part of the story. She is different then the other graphic designers in a sense she is very balanced; she’s to the point, but still creative. You can tell she has years of experience in the branding industry behind her. Positive, resourceful, simple in presentation and explains why she chose particular design elements. Everything means something so you won’t risk a situation where your logo is pretty but doesn’t mean anything. Thank you, Jess, you elevated our brand to the next level."

Ola Mochol

"Right when I saw Jess' Instagram I knew we would get along. Her minimalistic style and neutral colour palette instantly intrigued me! When we started the branding process she understood what target market I was trying to reach and designed towards that vision. My little wild leaf branch incorporates the eco-conscious attitudes that make me stand out and attract the clients I want to work with!”

Lisa Kiss
Lisa Kiss Creative

"Wow, where to start! Jess has been an absolute angel. I will 100% continue to work with her when I am in need of anything design related. I felt completely taken care of throughout the entire process. She is quick, responsive, an amazing listener, and beautifully creative. She even set up a little learning sesh so I could continue with simple tasks on my own!"

Saida Ilaqua
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